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Bridgestone, Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, unveils its new “Prepared to Perform” campaign for Paris 2024
5 new Olympians and Paralympian have been named as Bridgestone Ambassadors: Kevin Mayer, Mandy François-Elie, Amandine Buchard, Manon Apithy-Brunet and Pauline Ado.

Rungis (September 2022) – Bridgestone, a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner unveils its new campaign called “Prepared to Perform”. Through this campaign, Bridgestone honours the diligence and determination of athletes on their way to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and supports them in their preparation for Paris 2024. To convey this strong message, the brand has added 5 new Olympians and Paralympians to its roster of athlete ambassadors who all epitomise the effort, dedication and persistence needed to be Champions.


Prepared to perform: don’t rely on luck, only preparation matters!


To win Gold medals, Olympic and Paralympic athletes do not rely on luck, but rather on their determination, relentless training and years of preparation. This is the strong message conveyed by the new Bridgestone campaign for Paris 2024. A mantra that the brand has made its own. Accordingly, just like great athletes, Bridgestone never leaves anything to chance when it comes to the safety, innovation or performance of its products and solutions.


The brand’s 5 new athlete ambassadors also defend this position. They have been training intensely, every day, for years. This intensive preparation gives them the assurance of being able to perform when required.


“The training, the hours spent pushing past their limits to excel and their persistent efforts are the only ways of ensuring that they win a medal. No athlete can rely on luck. Sweat and perseverance are the keys to success” states Kevin Mayer.


The same is true for Bridgestone, “At Bridgestone, we don’t rely on luck. As a leader in tyre who provides solutions for a safe and sustainable mobility, we understand that perseverance is a core value and that performance is achieved when everything is under control. As such, we ensure that all aspects of our products, solutions and initiatives are carefully monitored to guarantee the safety of consumers.” explains Tom Adams, Managing Director, France and Benelux.


The Bridgestone campaign will be unveiled to the general public on 19 September 2022.


Bridgestone became a Worldwide Olympic Partner in 2014 and a Worldwide Paralympic Partner in 2018. After an initial Olympic-themed campaign launched in 2017, the brand is now confirming its commitment to sport and its ambition to be an emblematic Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, with a strong desire to defend Paris 2024 that promote sporting excellence.

Top athletes as Bridgestone Ambassadors for Paris 2024

For the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games, Bridgestone is proud to work alongside elite athletes Ambassadors: Kevin Mayer, Mandy François-Elie, Amandine Buchard, Manon Apithy-Brunet and Pauline Ado. They all share the brand’s values and have already demonstrated that their work ethic and fortitude have enabled them to deliver at the Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as other high-level competitions.

Bridgestone, committed to sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Being a Partner of Paris 2024 is not only about being associated with the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the world's greatest event, it is also about committing to organizing Paris 2024 that are different, responsible and useful to all of society. Indeed, Bridgestone and the Olympic and Paralympic Games share common values through innovation and sustainability.


“Being a partner of Paris 2024 means taking part in an adventure that is unique in terms of its attractiveness and global influence. For Bridgestone, it is an opportunity to demonstrate its know-how and E8 sustainability commitments and to involve its employees and customers in a meaningful project. It is a unique opportunity to take part in a project that will mobilize our company, because at the end it is all what matter the most !" says Thierry Jupsin, VP Brands Marketing EMIA at Bridgestone.


The Bridgestone campaign has been realized by the Golazo & We are Fearless agencies.



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