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Win an Active Lunchbreak with Olympic Champion Fabian Hambüchen
Bridgestone Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassador Fabian Hambüchen helps Frankfurters to find the right balance

During an exclusive workout, top gymnast Fabian Hambüchen shows Frankfurters that workouts during lunchbreak can help you keep fit and therefore potentially prevent health problems caused from sitting in one position too long. At, Bridgestone will raffle tickets to the event with the Olympic Champion in Frankfurt on August 16th, 2017. For the „Bewegte Mittagspause“, anyone can sign up to win a ticket who wants to learn from Fabian Hambüchen about the importance of finding the right balance place for exercise amongst other daily obligations. The event venue will be announced shortly.


The event is part of Bridgestone’s Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign, which aims to inspire people to achieve their dream. Kristina Vogel (indoor cycling), Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst (beach volleyball pair) are also Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassadors. Despite facing many obstacles, none of these ambassadors ever gave up and fought hard to reach their dream of Olympic Gold. 


The majority of the working population in Germany spend their time behind a desk. Tension in the neck, back- or headaches are common. “The right balance between exercise and daily activities is very important in order to prevent these issues and gain work to maximise mental strength as well,” Fabian Hambüchen explains. “I want to use my experience to show how important it is to listen to your body’s needs. During preparation for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 I pushed myself to the limit every day during practice. I was so focused on winning that I stopped taking care of my body. That’s when I tore a tendon in my shoulder. Only after I started listening to my body again, was I able to find the right balance and was finally able to make my dream of Olympic gold come true,” says Hambüchen. 


In Frankfurt, on August 16th 2017, he will show 50 participants how 15-minutes exercise per day helps to find the right balance. Tickets for the event are raffled by Bridgestone, for example here: The event is part of Bridgestone’s Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign.


Chase Your Dream, No  Matter What also aims to help participants to achieve their personal dreams. Applicants can share their lifelong dreams online via  Bridgestone and their Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassadors choose two stories and help the everyday battlers who have shared them on their journey to fulfil their dream. 


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